Jackie's Play and Stay


3822 Airport Blvd
Austin, TX 78722

Dog Boarding

For those guests that need to spend the night, Jackie’s Play & Stay is very pleased to offer the ability for dogs to play and socialize during the day while sleeping comfortably at night.  For overnight boarding, each dog has a private suite that is cozy, clean and climate-controlled.   For added comfort, all suites and kennels have cozy dog beds/blankets (if appropriate) and soothing music is played overnight.  You are welcome to bring something from home that smells like you, a t-shirt for example, for them to have in their suites.

For our overnight guests, we will arrive at the facility at 6:45 am and take them out to potty and feed them breakfast.  Then they will go into daycare for the full day.  Dinner is served between 5:30-6:00 pm.  We take them out for the last potty break of the day around 7:15pm for about an hour.  Then it’s “lights out” and we return the next morning for breakfast.

At Jackie’s Play & Stay our doggy sleepovers can also be an extension of our daycare services. By joining us for daycare we get to know your dog and they know us, reducing the stress, separation anxieties and other concerns associated with traditional kennel and dog boarding settings.  For these dogs, sleepovers are slumber parties with all of their friends in familiar surroundings.  For our guests who are boarding with us, a full-day of daycare is included each day they here.

Jackie’s no longer accepts Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes (we reserve the right to make that determination).

We would love to have your dog(s) stay with us at Jackie’s Play & Stay, where they can come to play for the day and stay for the night!

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