Jackie's Play and Stay

What vaccinations are required?

Jackie’s Play & Stay’ requires your dog to be current on Rabies, DHPP (DALPP), Lepto and Bordetella. The Bordetella vaccination must be given 72 hours before their arrival at Jackie’s, if expired or non-existent, and current every 6 months.  Your dog must also:

  • be at least 16 weeks old.
  • be spayed or neutered (if over 6 months of age).
  • be in good health and with no communicable diseases.
  • be free of fleas and ticks.
  • be given a flea/tick preventative year around.
  • They may not wear a flea collar into daycare; we suggest using a topical product such as Frontline or Advantix.
  • be free of internal parasites.
  • be friendly to people.


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